What Makes Us Different?

by Brett Lipeles, Founder and President

Founded in 2002 by a former trade show manager in the Fortune 1000, our business was created as an exhibit house with a difference. We design, build and manage exhibits in the most efficient way possible based on the way custom trade show displays are really used in the U.S.

Our difference begins with the pre-show planning process.

Hello, I am Brett Lipeles. I realized very soon after beginning work at an exhibit house, or trade show management company, that the process of pre-show planning was either being minimized or ignored. However, from my own experience as a corporate trade show manager running a 5000-square-foot exhibit, I know that this pre-show planning process is the key to increasing project efficiency, lowering costs, and protecting the display from damage before, during and after the show.

Pre-show planning is the key to managing the installation and dismantle process at the trade show venue.

Perhaps most important, however, is for the same team member who completes the pre-show planning process, pre-show paperwork and service orders, and the logistics planning to be the project manager on the show floor and the single point of communication for our customers. This is how our company is structured.

At many other trade show management companies, pre-show planning is an afterthought. Design and construction, and of course customer procurement, are the focus. Yet, most of the costs of owning a trade show exhibit are attributed to the running costs, shipping, trade show set-up and dismantle, display maintenance, and to a lesser extent, storage.

Elephant in the Room

The “Elephant in the Room” – With a typical trade show management company, you sign a cost-plus contract. This means that for any project cost incurred, the company charges you a certain percentage of mark-up. What this means for you is that if the project takes longer to install than scheduled, it will cost you more. If the exhibit is heavy or difficult to set-up, more mark-up for the exhibit house. Increased profits for them/increased expense for you. So, WHERE is the incentive to complete the job efficiently and at low cost? The problem: Why would the exhibit company invest any time in pre-show planning?

Trade Show Exhibit Design and Construction

Design and construction can affect all these aspects: limiting display weight, packed volume, installation and dismantle labor and minimizing maintenance. Equally important however, is the planning process prior to each presence at a trade show venue. Lack of planning and clear, consistent communication leads to project inefficiency, additional project completion time and higher costs.

Key Points

Corporate HQ

Your Trade Show Display is your corporate HQ for attendees – many more prospects and customers will see you and your display at the trade shows you attend than will ever visit you at your brick and mortar location.

As Corporate HQ – your display should be as beautiful and accurate in portraying your culture as it is ergonomic/functional. Display Design effects exhibit marketing impact, team productivity, installation and dismantle project costs at every show, in addition to maintenance costs and longevity.

You will spend far more to own and run a custom trade show display than you will ever spend on display design and construction. In many cases, it will be worth it to spend extra on certain aspects of exhibit construction, since optimizing the design for installation and dismantle will reduce costs of ownership significantly in the long run.

Pre-show planning is the key to lowering costs and providing predictable results.

Pre-show planning that will be the most effective for total installation and dismantle project efficiency should be completed by the same person that manages the project at the trade show venue.

Ideally, communication efficiency and effectiveness will happen between this same project manager and you, our customer. By eliminating the middle man, accuracy and precision are significantly increased.

Exhibit & Display Consultants is structured to provide excellent customer service and project execution using these guidelines. Elephant in the Room – Cost-plus contracts are only good for your trade show management company.

Goal – it shouldn’t be to simply complete the project.

On the other hand, Exhibit & Display Consultants strives to complete these projects as efficiently as possible and to do a really great job!


What would you like?

If you desire a higher level of exhibit management service and want to work with a company that takes responsibility to complete your projects efficiently and cost effectively, please give Exhibit & Design Consultants a call at 401-273-5372.