Trade Show Logistics – Dismantle Hours vs Driver Check-in vs Clean Floor Policy: How exhibit pack-up and dismantle scheduling are affected

There are three key parameters that affect the schedule for packing up your trade show display at the end of the show, these are:

1)      Dismantle Hours – hours that convention center is open for taking apart and packing your exhibit.

2)      Mandatory Driver Check-in time – time by which your truck driver must check in at the Marshaling Yard prior to picking-up your exhibit.

Trade Show Management pushes against Union policy in Las Vegas!

In many trade show cities around the country, there are union rules that all but "prevent" exhibitors from moving their own product into the trade show hall. These rules ban exhibitors, and anyone except union staff from using any sort of equipment including dollies and hand trucks to move goods into the convention center. Only union employees are allowed to use this equipment. In addtion, in many cities, only those union employees that work for the general contractor are allowed to use this equipment.

How are reduced trade show costs like fallen snow?

Here in the northeast, we have been shoveling a lot of snow this year…so this morning out contemplating my next water-logged scoop full, I had this vision. Reduced trade show costs are like fallen snow. Here is why: 1) Like falling snow in New England, the savings accumulate as you get better at reducing these costs. However, unlike snow, you will always have additional things to do with the marketing dollars saved. 2) Like shoveling a driveway, trade show dollars can be saved over a large area.

IKEA & Trade Shows – What you must know!

Today, I set up my new desk from IKEA.  For anyone in the trade show world, IKEA is great to know about.  Everything is shipped in flat boxes.  The designs are completely modular and let’s just say that if all the trade show exhibits were built like this we wouldn’t have to buy new pieces very often.  The extent of this design savvy would put a lot of exhibit builders out of business if IKEA were the competition!

Critical Information regarding the 10 + 2 rule and overseas shipping

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING I keep hearing bits and pieces about new U.S. Customs regulations that affect international trade show shipping via ocean liner. Can someone please give me the full story on these new rules? You’re right. Trade show exhibitors face new federal regulations when importing cargo via ocean liner from overseas. On Jan. 26, 2009, the Import Security Filing (ISF) rule, also known as the 10+2 rule, took effect. The 10+2 rule is one of many enhanced security measures implemented by the Department of Homeland Security following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.