Booth and Exhibit Staff Training

We are well equipped to work with your staff and train them on the ins and outs of running your display. This training includes:

  • Interpreting the information in the show services and exhibitor guide
  • Creating the most efficient and least expensive installation and dismantle plan
  • Filling out the information on the show services order forms to your best advantage
  • Working with the various services suppliers that are necessary for transporting, storing, installing and dismantling your trade show exhibit booth or display
  • Having your general contractor bills fixed before or after you leave the show
  • Proper display storage planning and how it affects costs and installation timelines

All of these variables should be taken into account in order to reduce trade show expenses. Our unique approach to exhibit booth and display management will help you to reduce your trade show expenses and improve your trade show marketing ROI.

We also have just released the Professional Trade Show Exhibit Manager’s Handbook. This is the quintessential How-to guide for managing your display and is field. It is filled with cost saving tips and techniques.