OGSystems | Defense Contractor

Case Study

The challenge

Design and Construct an exhibit that suggests a large presence in the defense industry, and can be used all of the time, so that it can be paid for outside of the trade show department budget.

The booth must flex from 8’ tall to 10’ tall – corporate HQ vs trade show venue floor.

The solution

20’ x 20’ “Hybrid” booth built 3/4 from custom built panels with cam-locks, and 1/4 from tension fabric structures. The use of the tension fabric panels eliminates 1 crate worth of panels, and approximately 1000 lbs of weight from the booth, or 1/3 of this booth as a non-Hybrid.

The tension fabric is not used in corporate HQ, so it is stored much of the year. Storage costs are reduced since tension fabric is so small and lightweight.

Size – Fits into 2 – 4’ x 4’ x 102” crates and 2 skids including all furnishings, tables, chairs, lighting, and 84” 4K touch screen monitor. All AV is owned by our client, further reducing costs.

Weight – 4100 lbs including 3 kiosks, 10 seating cubes, 1 table, 1 reception desk, 4 AV Systems, lighting and flooring.

Aesthetic – provides a very high end, substantial and corporate appearance. With free standing kiosks the floorplan can be constantly modified.

OGSystems Corporate HQ

80% of the exhibit is used at OGSystems corporate HQ when not at a trade show. There, the 3 kiosks are set-up as 8’ tall. At a larger trade show venue, the kiosks grow to 10’ tall.

This allowed much of the exhibit to be paid for using a budget ear-marked for building construction and outfitting.

Small Trade Shows – Inline Exhibits

At a small tradeshow, when used as part of an inline configuration, the kiosks can be set up as 8’ tall to meet show exhibit guidelines and height restrictions.

Running Costs absolutely minimized and booth usage maximized with much of booth installed in corporate HQ when not at trade shows.