Effective Display & Booth Modification

The design of your display or exhibit with respect to labor and machinery involved for set-up, weight, ease and involvement of union sub-contractors during installation and dismantle, and volumetric efficiency when packing a truck and being stored is very important. This is because your trade show exhibit budget consists of two main elements:

1) Cost to design and construct your exhibit

2) Cost to run your display whenever the booth is used, shipped and stored

Thus, the total cost of ownership consists of a combination of the cost to design and construct your exhibit and the cost to run your booth or display over its useful life to your company.

You may be able to assess some of these changes yourself if you have enough experience. With careful study, extensive experience during installation and dismantle in the field, and experience with exhibit booth and display construction at various exhibit houses we are able to make accurate assessments of what may be wrong with your exhibits design and suggest practical, inexpensive modifications. For many years we have been running both large and small trade show exhibit booths as efficiently as possible. Efficiency assessment is a basic part of running your exhibit as increasing ROI while decreasing your costs is an essential part of the services that we provide.