Trade Show Expense Audit

Trade show display installation and dismantle fees run up very quickly. It is imperative that you have a strong handle on what these expenses are now, and perhaps more importantly, what these expenses should be.

Once you really understand all aspects of trade show display booth storage, transportation, installation and dismantle, you can actually audit your expenses at the various shows and look for ways to reduce your costs and increase your ROI. With a few basic display metrics, we perform this audit at the beginning of any company / client relationship.

It is possible for us to guide you very accurately by reviewing trade show and exhibit related documents and records that you already possess. After many years in the field, we understand exactly which numbers and trade show exhibit booth or display data is required for us to audit your current trade show budget and past expenses. We use our knowledge to give you a reasonable idea of what you could be saving with additional self-training, professional training, and/or by using Exhibit & Display Consultants to run your exhibit for you.