Display and Exhibit Construction

If you want to maximize your ROI, and decrease your costs, the company that you choose for exhibit booth construction is important. There are many aspects to booth construction that will greatly affect the costs of both running your trade show display in the field, and maintaining your exhibit booth between shows.

The construction of your display or exhibit with respect to labor and machinery involved for set-up, weight, ease and involvement of union sub-contractors during installation and dismantle, and volumetric efficiency when packing a truck and being stored is very important. Maintainability and durability also greatly affect the running costs for the exhibit booth in question.

We can save you time and money by:

  • Helping you to avoid non-durable materials
  • Helping you to avoid impractical to install and dismantle structures
  • Helping you to avoid impractical panelattachment methods
  • Helping you to avoid expensive to run electrical requirements and configurations
  • Helping you to avoid inefficient packing methods and heavy construction methods

We can help you to specify how you would like your exhibit booth built and created in order to reduce your running and maintenance costs and maximize your ROI (return on investment). We can also help you find and choose a suitable supplier and builder for your new trade show exhibit booth or display.

Maximize your happiness and ROI when purchasing your new trade show exhibit booth or display, and lower your expenses with Exhibit & Display Consultants!