Trade Show Statistics

With the economic slowdown, people are left wondering if they should go ahead with a trade show, or if they would be better off waiting until the economy picks back up. I think the numbers speak for themselves.

In 2005, Exhibit Surveys, Inc conducted a survey on 73 different trade shows. The numbers show that a trade show is a great way to not only gain business, but to improve your reputation and encourage return customers.

Out of the people questioned at the trade shows, the following stats were compiled:

79% stated a trade show helped them decide what to buy.

Trade Show Exhibit Trends

Not too long ago, the main trend in trade shows was for the people running the exhibits to offer demonstrations.  That was what people went to the trade shows to see.  A booth did not have to be expensive or flashy.  There just needed to be something to demonstrate.

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How are reduced trade show costs like fallen snow?

Here in the northeast, we have been shoveling a lot of snow this year…so this morning out contemplating my next water-logged scoop full, I had this vision. Reduced trade show costs are like fallen snow. Here is why: 1) Like falling snow in New England, the savings accumulate as you get better at reducing these costs. However, unlike snow, you will always have additional things to do with the marketing dollars saved. 2) Like shoveling a driveway, trade show dollars can be saved over a large area.