For those of you who are not familiar with Amazon Prime, an offer from the on-line retailer, this membership is a way to greatly reduce your costs on shipping of purchases through the Amazon website.  While not all purchases qualify, almost any commonly used trade show supply can be purchased through an Prime supplier and it is easy to tell if the purchase qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping on the prodcut listing pages.

How does the Prime program work?  You pay a $79 fee and for that you receive 2 day air shipping for free on any product that qualifies for Amazon Prime or next day air shipping for $3.50.  For trade show projects, or any other projects that must be completed under very tight deadlines, the great variety available at, customer service friendly policies at Amazon, and super reduced 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air costs provided by the Prime Membership are extremely valuable.

I have had everything from value priced AV cables, including HDMI cables which are notoriously overpriced at every retail store, to heavy glass and metal monitor stands, and even 60" monitors delivered using this plan.  And while I like to purchase something like a monitor at the local Ultimate Electronics or Best Buy, it is very likely that at some time in your future, like me you will find it much more palpable to spend the $3.50 on Next Day Air to replace a non-working large screen display or audio component using the Prime plan and not have to spend valuable time on the road seeking out replacement components personally.