If you are using labor from an EAC, or in some cases the general contractor to assemble your exhibit, you need to keep in mind the minimums required by that contractor.  In general, there is a 4 hour minimum charge for labor (whether teamsters, carpenters or stagehands) and 1 hour minimum charge for electricians.

This will affect your scheduling if you are focused on getting best value.  For instance, if you have a 7 hour dis-mantle, and you are only allowed 4 hours to dismantle on straight time, it will probably make more sense to have all the work done the afternoon and evening that the show closes.  If you instead do 1/2 the work the evening of show close, and 1/2 the work the next day, you will end up paying for 8 hours of labor per worker because of the minimums.  By doing all of the work the night before, and incurring more overtime charges, you will pay about the same amount for the labor and have the work done a day earlier.

Also, remember to always have a goal in mind, or several time vs progress goals and explain these to your workers.  Just like back in the office, it is very difficult to get the performance that you want from co-workers without setting a goal for them, and clearly communicating what that goal is.