Not too long ago, the main trend in trade shows was for the people running the exhibits to offer demonstrations.  That was what people went to the trade shows to see.  A booth did not have to be expensive or flashy.  There just needed to be something to demonstrate.

That has changed quite a bit.  In the past ten years, all exhibits from the smallest to the largest have evolved to become the company’s headquarters in the eyes of its customers.  After all, in today’s go fast world, are more prospects going to see and learn about your company at a trade show, or by taking the time to visit your company’s headquarters?  More importantly, which exposure are they going to experience more often, first and last.  It is these multiple exposures that will help to build your brand in the eyes of your customers.

Now, with technology on the rise, people want a more fulfilling trade show exhibit experience.  They no longer want to be shown.  They want to be drawn to the booth because of fun technology, great graphics, or other types of appealing design.  The design is more important than ever before.

The growing trend in regards to trade show exhibits is for the booth to have something special that draws people over to that booth and away from all the other displays.

Technology has played a big role in this.  Now, more trade show exhibitors are using technology as a way to bring excitement into the trade show.  People are using computers and interactive technology to allow the people at the trade show to take part in the fun.  This makes their booths much more memorable.

The good news is trade show exhibits do not have to be expensive and full of technology in order to get people to come over and remember the booth. There are also some affordable trends that are currently popular.

Fabric displays are really hot right now, and they are affordable as well.  Many trade show exhibitors are turning to fabric displays as a way to create a display that will pop out to the customer but will save them money as well.  Panel displays have made their way back as well.  One of the reasons this trend is so popular once again is it gives a permanent look that trade show visitors love and can easily be customized to accurately represent your company.

No matter if you want to put on an electronic, fabric or a panel display or use something completely innovative and different, the idea is to first, draw attention to your booth and away from the other booths out there and secondly, accurately represent your company’s identity and culture.  If you can do that, you have put yourself in a great position for the trade show.  You will be memorable and that will motivate prospects and customers to contact you when it comes time to purchase.