The design of your exhibit booth with respect to both marketing impact and complexity of set-up is very important. It is a combination of these qualities that lead to increased ROI and reduced trade show related costs.

The labor and machinery involved for set-up, weight, ease of set-up and involvement of union sub-contractors during installation and dismantle, and volumetric efficiency when packing a truck and being stored are very important. Durability and maintainability are also important qualities that can greatly affect the long term costs of owning the exhibit booth.

We can be hired to work on your team as part of the request for proposal (RFP) and design review process. Here are a few of the ways we will help to save you time and money:

* We guide you to specify what is most important for your team in a way that your exhibit house or trade show display booth supplier will understand
* We interview all of the relevant parties in your organization to ascertain corporate goals and aesthetics prior to the design phase
* We ascertain what aspects of a design are practical in the field, so that you may guide exhibit booth design and construction
* We evaluate the designs for construction methods and materials that are durable and inexpensive to maintain

Maximize your ROI and overall satisfaction with your new trade show exhibit booth or display by purchasing a display that is efficient to run, transport, maintain and store.

Money Back Guarantee

The strategies, tips and techniques contained in the Professional Trade Show Exhibit Manager’s Handbook are powerful and proven– so much so that we offer you a complete Money Back Guarantee. Master what you’ve learned in the Professional Trade Show Exhibit Manager’s Handbook and you’ll slash your trade show costs by AT LEAST 30% – if not, your entire purchase price will be refunded.

The Money Back Guarantee (the “Guarantee”) covering the Professional Trade Show Exhibit Manager’s Handbook (the “Handbook”) applies to all Handbooks purchased directly from Exhibit & Display Consultants (“EDC”) and is subject to the following terms:

The buyer of a Handbook (the “Buyer”) is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price if he does not save at least 30% on his trade show costs after implementing the strategies, tips and techniques (collectively, the “Strategies”) contained in the Handbook. (The Strategies include: pre-show planning; show services scheduling; negotiation of shipping and storage rates; and the selection and supervision of installation labor.) The Guarantee applies only after the Buyer has implemented the Strategies on behalf of his company at a trade show.

If the Buyer requests a refund after implementing the Strategies, he will first present EDC with the following documentation:
1. The bills from the general contractor and the other contractors (e.g., companies providing project installation and dismantling; shipping companies; and/or storage companies).
2. A detailed crate inventory, including crate weights.
3. All exhibit set-up diagrams.

EDC will then review the documents submitted and will provide the Buyer with a free telephone consultation to discuss how the Strategies can be implemented successfully.

If, after the consultation with the Buyer, EDC, in its sole discretion, determines that the Buyer cannot save at least 30% by implementing the Strategies, then EDC will promptly refund the Buyer the full purchase price of the Handbook.