Here in the northeast, we have been shoveling a lot of snow this year…so this morning out contemplating my next water-logged scoop full, I had this vision. Reduced trade show costs are like fallen snow. Here is why: 1) Like falling snow in New England, the savings accumulate as you get better at reducing these costs. However, unlike snow, you will always have additional things to do with the marketing dollars saved. 2) Like shoveling a driveway, trade show dollars can be saved over a large area. Savings will literally accumulate from many different streams as you master managing these costs, finding more effective service providers and re-negotiating contracts. 3) These savings continue to accumulate after the storm, just like the efforts that you injected to create them, vanish. Once you have a better contract, sub-contractor or service supplier, your trade show or corporate events program is permanently more efficient and less costly to run. Savings will coninue to grow over time with little or no management. 4) Just like the piles of snow, the savings can be huge. At my company, Exhibit & Display Consultants, we average a 30% savings over our client’s logistical and management costs for running their trade show display. Depending on the booth size this is anywhere between $4000 per show for a 20’ x 20’ booth and $60K for a 30’ x 160’ booth. In either case this savings is more than the "soup to nuts" charges to complete the project. What kind of impact can you make on your company’s corporate event related expenses? More trade show related tips here -