We have been working on a series of articles to help you reduce costs and reduce your hassles at your 2009 trade show venues. Economic pressures create new challenges around every corner, and we are working to provide suitable solutions.
Fuel costs have split in half since August, but shipping is still a major contributor to the line item costs of your trade show budget. When trying to reduce the costs of shipping consider Railroad Shipping or Shipping by Rail.
Shipping by rail is 20-30% less expensive than shipping by truck. This is because once your container is on the rail, it adds almost nothing to the costs of operating the rail.
Here is what you need to know to ship by rail:
Shipping by rail is now seemless. Containers are driven to your loading dock and your staff or exhibit house loads the container just as they would load the back of a semi. The container is put on a train and then taken off near its final destination. The container is then delivered to that warehouse or trade show venue.