As you probably already know the purchase of cleaning services are very expensive at a trade show. I recommend that you plan to clean the booth by yourself. Are you allowed to clean your booth and carpet yourself? As long as you are in a right to work state you may do all of the cleaning yourself provided that you are wearing an exhibitor badge. To determine right to work state or union state, just "google" right to work state map. Even in union states, I have rarely been forced to stop cleaning or vacuuming a booth in 20+ years of trade show exhibit management. Dusting may be done with paper towel and Windex. Almost all laminates clean well with Windex and this is a staple for any cleaning kit. For greasy dirt, 409 and/or Goof Off work very well. Daily Carpet cleaning is the most costly of the cleaning services, and is very easy to do by yourself. I recommend that you ship your own vacuum with your booth along with an extra belt and new bags. However, I realize that in some cases this will not be possible or practical. With this in mind, I purchased a helpful product for vacuuming that is practical for purchase at every show that you attend. Walmart offers a Bissell PowerForce Bagged Upright Vacuum, 71Y7W for $40.00 including a bag. This is an upright vacuum with a power broom head,and it does a wonderful job on carpet, plus has an integrated hose, crevice tool and brush useful for detailing your display. This vacuum weighs only 12 lbs, and Walmart is within a quick taxi cab ride of virtually every convention center in the US. Along with the low price, this makes the Bissell Powerforce a great solution for cleaning at any show!