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Case Study

The challenge

Construct an exhibit that “mimics” a brand's high-end European presence in a 20’ x 50’ space, and can be run with the absolute minimum costs and overall cost of ownership.

The booth must flex from 20’ x 50’, to 20’ x 40’, 25’ x 40’, 20’ x 30’ and 20’ x 20’

The solution

20’ x 50’ “Hybrid” booth built ½ from custom built panels with cam-locks, and ½ from tension fabric structures. The use of the tension fabric panels eliminates 2 crates worth of panels, and approximately 2000 lbs of weight from the booth, or 1/3 of this booth as a non-Hybrid.

Size – Fits into 5 – 4’ x 4’ x 102” crates and 2 skids including all furnishings, tables, chairs, lighting, and 6 mannequins.

Weight – Under 8000 lbs. including 18 chairs, 4 tables, 4 mannequins, 3 AV Systems, lighting and flooring.

Aesthetic – Provides a very high end appearance that can be constantly modified. The interior and exterior walls can be printed directly on, or graphics can be hung in front of these walls.

Running Costs – Absolutely minimized