Trade Show - Shipping direct to show site or advanced warehouse

There are some very strong opinions about whether or not to ship into the advanced warehouse when moving your exhibit into a trade show.  At most shows there is a premium charged for this service, but at almost no show is the premium so high that you should completely eliminate the possibility of using the advanced warehouse.

Instead, I usually base this decision on how tight the installation and dismantle set-up schedule is.  

The value of Amazon Prime Membership for trade show coordinators and managers

For those of you who are not familiar with Amazon Prime, an offer from the on-line retailer, this membership is a way to greatly reduce your costs on shipping of purchases through the Amazon website.  While not all purchases qualify, almost any commonly used trade show supply can be purchased through an Prime supplier and it is easy to tell if the purchase qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping on the prodcut listing pages.

Cleaning your trade show booth and carpet without the help of union labor

As you probably already know the purchase of cleaning services are very expensive at a trade show. I recommend that you plan to clean the booth by yourself. Are you allowed to clean your booth and carpet yourself? As long as you are in a right to work state you may do all of the cleaning yourself provided that you are wearing an exhibitor badge. To determine right to work state or union state, just "google" right to work state map. Even in union states, I have rarely been forced to stop cleaning or vacuuming a booth in 20+ years of trade show exhibit management.