IKEA & Trade Shows – What you must know!

Today, I set up my new desk from IKEA.  For anyone in the trade show world, IKEA is great to know about.  Everything is shipped in flat boxes.  The designs are completely modular and let’s just say that if all the trade show exhibits were built like this we wouldn’t have to buy new pieces very often.  The extent of this design savvy would put a lot of exhibit builders out of business if IKEA were the competition!

Some simple tips for reducing trade show costs

No matter what service supplier you are working with, start your communication early and document your discussions with the supplier.  The larger the supplier, the more documentation to keep and have confirmed in writing.  The General Contractor (GC) can be surprisingly helpful.  However, the general contractor is run like a large corporation, so it takes a lot of time to find the correct contact, get answers, get processes rolling,  and get the service and value that you need.  However, if you work with them in advance you will be surprised at the level and unique services available for yo

Critical Information regarding the 10 + 2 rule and overseas shipping

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING I keep hearing bits and pieces about new U.S. Customs regulations that affect international trade show shipping via ocean liner. Can someone please give me the full story on these new rules? You’re right. Trade show exhibitors face new federal regulations when importing cargo via ocean liner from overseas. On Jan. 26, 2009, the Import Security Filing (ISF) rule, also known as the 10+2 rule, took effect. The 10+2 rule is one of many enhanced security measures implemented by the Department of Homeland Security following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Top 10 ways to Reduce Costs for the 10' x 10' Exhibitor

1) Exhibit Space – Contract early to get a great space and pay full price, or contract late and ask for a discount. Most shows currently have more space than exhibitors have contracted for.  The only way to get the discount is if you ask. 2) Labor and other services.  Avoid hiring outside services. Use an exhibit that you are allowed under show regulations to set-up yourself.  Typically, you are allowed 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour to set-up each 10 x 10 booth before you are required to hire union labor. 3) Shipping.  Hand-carry everything you can. Avoid shipping whenever possible.