I am a corporate events, trade show program and exhibit expert with 8 years experience as a corporate trade show manager in the fortune 1000 and 5 years experience as a partner at a trade show exhibit house, managing customer procurement, trade show booth construction and installation and dismantle of exhibits at various trade show venues. I began a business called Exhibit & Display Consultants in 2002, which is built on a new business model. This business model eliminates much of the overhead costs associated with a typical trade show exhibit company and allows us to save you a minimum of 30% at each show. I also authored the Professional Trade Show Exhibit Manager’s Handbook in 2006. This is a how-to guide focused on helping trade show coordinators and program managers learn to run their trade show projects with the greatest efficiency and eliminate as much cost as possible. If you need help controlling the costs of exhibiting and other exhibitor costs, please contact us. There is no company that has explored trade show cost cutting the way we have. No one is better at this work!

Brett Lipeles’s Job History

  • Exhibit & Display Consultants: Exhibit & Display Consultants provides trade show exhibit management and trade show program management services for any and all industries. We also provide analysis services and audits for companies that need to reduce trade show costs, and increase return on investment with regards to trade show related marketing expenditures. We provide trade show staff training for companies that want to maximize the efficiency of their trade show program on the operations and logistics side of the equation. We are currently saving our customers a minimum of 30% of their trade show running costs at each show. We have customers as large as $3.5 Billion in sales and as small as $5 Million.
  • Exhibit A -1998 to 2002: Partner – (1998 to 2002): Helped grow business 600% in 4 years by customer acquisition, improving processes and more efficient project management.
  • K2 Corporation – 1990 to 1998 Trade Show Mgr, Purchasing and Inventory Control Mgr (1990 to 1998) Helped grow company 3000% in 6.5 years by modernizing customer service and sales strategies. Grew trade show exhibit from 20 x 30 to 50 x 100 foot booth, and used marketing performance at trade shows to build company sales. Learned how to manage a large exhibit in the field and work with all of the various subcontractors and unions for greatest efficiency and lowest cost.