5ive Jungle | Apparel Company

Case Study

The challenge

Create an exhibit that  “Represents” a Streetwear brand in 20’ x 20’ space, and can be run with the absolute minimum costs while creating private showroom and multiple meeting spaces

Later Challenge

Convert booth into 30’ x 30’ exhibit with much “Grander” presence

Challenge 1 solution

20 x 20 x 15 foot tall tent shaped booth built entirely of custom, top quality, Made in USA, dye sublimated tension fabric.  Complete with neon 5ive Jungle lights, green floor, raised “tapestry” style graphics, halogen lighting, a lockable door and window, 6 workstations and 18 chairs.

Size – fits into 4 – 4’ x 4’ x 102” crates including all furnishings, tables, chairs, lighting, and 6 mannequins.

Weight – under 3600 lbs including all of the furniture, mannequins, lighting and flooring.

Cost – under $40,000 all inclusive (yes, even crates and flooring)

Running Costs – absolutely minimized

Challenge 2 solution

30 x 30 booth with walls that lean out from base, angling from bottom to top

Re-size and re-purpose tension fabric frames to become parts of new 30 x 30 booth.

Savings - $33,500

All tension fabric frames re-manufactured to eliminate $30K in new build costs.

Furniture also repurposed to save an additional $3500 in new build costs.